Nils Carmel is a photographer and art director based in Stockholm.
He has run his own business for more than 30 years.
The camera is always with him.
And the pen has been in his hand since early years.
His interest and expression of the artistic has always been in focus and a part of him.
Lately he has mostly focused on photography such as from the music scene, portraits, surroundings, social intercourses, specific assignments and material from his wide photo archive.
He’s also creating a lot of logos, single-/album covers, press photos, ad’s, business reports, etcetera.
He has also published two photo books:
In 2014 – a unique photo book containing beautiful pictures from South Djurgården in Stockholm ”Southern Djurgården during four seasons”.
In 2012 – “Life and Death at Skogskyrkogården”. Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm is on the Unesco’s world heritage list. The pictures from this book were featured at the prestigious gallery Galerie Helena in Stockholm.